If you believe that the world is heading toward a catastrophe, perhaps it's time to prepare for a worst-case scenario. If that's your worldview, I found an underground Missouri bunker that's ready for someone to survive the end of days in style.

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Considering that we've had mysterious balloons over Missouri and reportedly other UFO's shot down recently, perhaps an underground home is in order for survival.

There's no exact location given other than this home that used to be an underground missile base is near Polo, Missouri just to the northeast of the Kansas City metro area. It's in the middle of nowhere and that's for a good reason. According to the official website, it's being made available now by the owner. Let's take a look at what lies beneath the ground in northwest Missouri.

See Inside an Exotic Doomsday Bunker Available Under Missouri

The owner is making this underground Missouri bunker available for $699,000 or best offer last time I checked. It seems to be well-equipped with a nice kitchen, vast workout room and comfortable bedrooms. The blast-resistant doors would likely come in handy if - you know what comes.

If this apocalyptic type of home appeals to you, make sure to check out the Missile Bases website for more details, pics and updates.

Midwest Mansion Hides a 5000 Square Foot Doomsday Bunker Under It