I don't believe in fear mongering and I don't think you should lose any sleep over a nuclear winter beginning tomorrow. However, it would be prudent to at least be aware that most of Wisconsin would be in a world of trouble if Vladimir Putin really does follow through on his latest threat.

In case you haven't heard, just a few days ago Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that he could attack America with nukes at any time over "interference" with his campaign in the Ukraine. He even ordered his military to conduct nuclear drills with the missile teams. While this is hopefully just more saber-rattling, it's important to understand what could happen if everyone's worst nightmare comes true.

If you look at the latest most recent list of expected Russian first-strike nuclear targets, you'll see there are numerous danger zones in Wisconsin that was shared recently on Reddit.

Potential nuclear war targets
byu/tpatmaho inmadisonwi

The Logan Hocking Times shared just a few weeks ago that Wisconsin has some of the cities most at risk if an enemy were to attack with nuclear weapons. They are not alone in their thinking. The nuclear power plants in Wisconsin would be a very tempting target if everyone's worst fears come true.

Back to my original point, I would not lose any sleep over what might happen, but I would always keep in the back of my mind what COULD happen. Let's hope that scenario never becomes a reality we all have to deal with ever.

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