I'm not confessing anything, but there are rumors that I drove 'enhanced' speed limits when I had a Firebird during my younger years. That is almost completely untrue. Maybe. If you are concerned about speeding tickets, you probably should know that two states most notorious for giving them both border Missouri.

I saw this interesting ranking shared by Rate Genius as they shared the 10 states most likely to give speeding tickets. Two of the top 10 should be very familiar to Missouri drivers that travel even just a little bit.

At #7 is the fine state of Nebraska. Yes, the Cornhuskers get mad after Tigers beat them in college football. (Don't ask me how I know) They shared a stunning statistic saying "Nebraska State Patrol handed out 880 tickets to drivers going faster than 100 mph". I'm not condoning this, but I do understand the desire to cross Nebraska as fast as possible.

Iowa is the #3 state when it comes to handing out speeding tickets. Check this out. The ranking says "Iowa State Patrol officers also gave out 1,497 speeding tickets for speeds over 100 mph". My wife is originally from Iowa so I'm not allowed to add editorial comment here.

I'll add two thoughts. I was in a high speed crash when I was a teenager and fractured my skull in the impact. Perhaps coincidentally I began my radio career that same year. I don't wish accidents like this on my worst enemy.

Finally, Colorado also ended up in the top 10. True story. In 1985, I was pulled over in Colorado allegedly doing 85mph in a 55mph zone. The officer only gave me a warning because he said he didn't think he could prove in court that a Chevy Chevette could go 85mph. That really happened.

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Gallery Credit: The Carpetbagger via YouTube

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