This is one mystery I've actually witnessed myself. Hikers including many in Missouri are increasingly encountering stairways in the woods that seem to lead to nowhere.

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I saw this shared on Underground Ozarks. It's a reference to what are known as the "Angel Stairs" in Bellerive Park near St. Louis, Missouri. Here's the exact question and conversation:

If you go to St. Louis MO, and visit the Bellerive Park...walk a little ways down the tracks, and to your left, if you pay close enough attention, there is a very over-grown patch of the woods that looks enough like a trail...If you go through, you come across these stairs. They are pretty battered and beat up...and actually a tad dangerous to go up...They are known as "Angel Stairs" because this area used to be where the Hells Angels originally hung out at, and all the people who have died trying to climb up and down them

In this case, this is a mystery that can be solved. One commenter added background and said the "Angel Stairs" were actually built in 1905 by The Century Rowing Club of St. Louis and were part of a structure that was destroyed in a fire decades ago. Now, only the stairs remain and yes, it does look creepy. You can see the "Angel Stairs" for yourself.

Solved, right? In one case, yes. But, this stairways in the woods phenomenon is happening in many places.

Countless people are sharing their experiences with unknown stairs in the woods that seem to be connected to nothing. Some are likely just remains of a previous structure like the one near St. Louis. Others are much more cryptic.

Is there something paranormal going on? Not necessarily. However, it's impossible to just disregard the strange experiences some are having in the woods.

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