I have a proven track record of predicting things before they happen which has sadly not been documented. But, mark my words as of this day that the conniving state of Kansas will successfully steal the beloved Kansas City Chiefs from Missouri.

Full disclosure: I have a lifelong rivalry with the state of Kansas. I've been a part of too many Missouri Tiger vs Kansas Jayhawk basketball and football games to pretend my disdain for the most boring state you can ever hope to drive through is real.

Here's what's going on with the Chiefs. As KAKE reported a couple days ago, Kansas lawmakers approved funds that would help the Kansas City Chiefs get the new stadium they want in Kansas of course. But, wait, didn't CBS Sports say that the Chiefs are planning to renovate their current stadium? Now, they say those plans may be on hold. Curious.

Back in April, Missouri voters decided not to assist the Chiefs to build a new place to play. It doesn't take complicated math to figure out that once the Kansas governor signs this new legislation, they will make the Kansas City Chiefs an offer they will not refuse. It's inevitable and really who could blame them?

Will they soon become the Kansas Chiefs instead of the Kansas City Chiefs? Even though I have a hard time imagining such a big brand change for such a famous franchise, stranger things have happened. It could mean that Taylor Swift will need a condo in Topeka and her song "Look What You Made Me Do" will be even more appropriate for Chiefs fans.

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