I would argue that 'C' is not really a bad grade. I would gladly have welcomed that for my physics grade in high school compared to what I actually received. However, for 27 Missouri hospitals that 'C' rating was a downgrade from good or OK to just mediocre when it comes to patient safety.

This is a brand new updated patient safety rating for Missouri medical care facilities by Hospital Safety Grade. It reflects new Spring 2024 data. These are not the highest or the lowest graded hospitals when it comes to patient injuries, accidents or infections. These 27 were put right in the mediocre middle:

Again, 'C' isn't a bad grade, but could indicate that a facility has issues they're dealing with. I would never base my medical care trust based on just one website ranking. Use it as a starting point to decide who you trust and who you don't for this vital health service.

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Gallery Credit: Google Maps Street View

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