If you told me that Missouri had one of the most snake-infested rivers in the country, I'd agree and say it was the Mississippi River, but I'd be very wrong. The most river with the most reptiles is in Missouri, but it's not the mighty Mississippi.

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I saw this fun list of the 9 most snake-infested rivers in the United States. I wasn't surprised by the rivers that made this ranking, but the ones that didn't including the Mississippi River. I demand a recount. Oh, wait...

So what river in Missouri is the most snake infested?

Give yourself a cookie if you said the Missouri River. Here's the laundry list of snakes that call the Missouri River home:

  • Northern water snake
  • Diamondback water snake
  • Yellow-bellied water snake
  • Graham’s crayfish snake
  • Mississippi green water snake
  • Western mud snake
  • Water moccasin (cottonmouth)
  • Broad-banded water snake

What the heck is the Graham's crayfish snake? Graham, please come get your snake. Now.

Other surprising omissions from this list? The Snake River of course.

I remember a few years back at the Marion County Fair, a girl came up to our radio booth after she had been bitten by a water moccasin. Her arm swelled big time and we rushed her to the first aid place to get help. Those nasty critters are a dime a dozen along our rivers in Missouri and Illinois.

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