Are you tired of the latest internet best of list? I've found something interesting about a Missouri place that was recently named the 2nd safest city in the state. I think the word "safe" might be questionable as I've since learned that it's also home to just about every snake and spider imaginable. Oh, and it's got lots of possums, too.

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The recent safest cities in Missouri list is actually one with a very good reputation. It comes from Safewise and I'm not questioning any of their rankings. If you look at their list, you'll see the #2 safest city is Greenwood, Missouri. If you're not familiar, Greenwood is a small area in the southeast part of the Kansas City region.

So what's weird about Greenwood, Missouri?

It was when I did some research on Wikipedia that it got...interesting. There's an entire section dedicated to "Wildlife" and "Fauna". It includes the following:

There are many species of snake that can be found in Greenwood...Many of Missouri's common spider species can be found in Greenwood such as the wolf spider, cellar spider, and brown recluse...Greenwood also contains a healthy opossum population.

Full of snakes, spiders and possums you say? If you haven't run into a wolf spider, you're lucky. They're about the size of your hand. We all know what brown recluse spiders are capable of. The good news is they can be managed by all the possums near Greenwood aka the eaters of lots of pests.

Greenwood, Missouri/Google Street View
Greenwood, Missouri/Google Street View

I suppose that Greenwood is a very safe place when it comes to what is normally considered crime. However, be a little more careful when you go into the woods.

False Widow Spiders