There is one tiny Missouri town that can claim something that very few can. It is the record holder for both the hottest and coldest temperature ever recorded in the Show Me State.

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I found this interesting factoid on the University of Missouri Climate Center website. It documents many of the important weather events in Missouri state history. Among them are the highest and lowest temperatures ever recorded. Amazingly, they were recorded in the same town almost 50 years apart.

The coldest temperature in Missouri history was recorded February 13, 1905 in Warsaw, Missouri when the temp there plummeted to -40 below.

The hottest temperature in Missouri history was recorded July 14, 1954 in Warsaw, Missouri when the thermometer topped out at a blistering 118 degrees.

It is highly unusual for the highest temperature and the lowest temperature record in a state to be held by the same town. You would suspect a northern town would have the record low and a southern town to have the record high, but not in Missouri. Those extreme temps are home to little old Warsaw, Missouri population just over 2,000.

By the way, one other interesting side note of Warsaw, Missouri is it has one of the few remaining suspension bridges in Missouri, too. I believe there are only a dozen left and it's in Warsaw.

Leave it to Missouri to have such a strange weather record and rare bridge in the same place. Never a dull moment in the Show Me State. You just never know when one of the small towns will contain so much history and local flavor.

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