Muscadine Bloodline have written and recorded a sequel to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band. The song is one of 16 expected on Teenage Dixie next month.

The new album follows the duo's critically acclaimed Dispatch to 16th Ave., released last year. The song "Teenage Dixie" — a hard-luck country rocker powered by guitars and harmonica — was revealed along with news of the album on Tuesday morning (Jan. 3).

Expect Teenage Dixie to be available on Feb. 24.

To date, "Porch Swing Angel," "Put Me in My Place" and "Me on You" are among Muscadine Bloodline's most-streamed songs on Spotify. They've been writing, recording and touring since 2015.

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Who Is Muscadine Bloodline?

Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton created Muscadine Bloodline eight years ago after meeting in 2012. The two friends from Mobile, Ala., have built a grassroots following that appreciate their lyrical depth as much as their live energy. Dispatch to 16th Ave. landed on Taste of Country's 10 Best Albums of 2022 list on the strength of its ability to showcase both skills with ease.

The independent duo's toured with mentors like Kip MooreWhiskey Myers and Luke Combs, and for this new album wrote with B.J. Barnham, the driving force of American Aquarium. While energetic and positive about their future, it's clear they're committed to serving music and fans first. A recording contract that asks them to change just isn't going to happen.

"One thing we decided is that, creatively, we’re done with advice," Muncaster told ToC in 2022. "We’re done hearing it from anybody. It’s not on our heart to make it, it’s like we’re not gonna make it that way. And if it is on our heart to make it that way, then that’s the bible."

The new album promises stories of growing up in the American south. It's a "love letter to their youth" that includes what a press release calls a sequel to "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (Track 9 perhaps). An expansion of what they did well on their last effort seems likely. "Teenage Dixie" qualifies, as does the unreleased "Pocketful of '90s Country," released to social media last week.

Muscadine Bloodline's Teenage Dixie Tracklist:

1. "Teenage Dixie" (Charles Muncaster, Gary Stanton, Ryan Youmans)
2. "Pocketful of 90's Country" (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans, Zoltan Tobak)
3. "Made Her That Way" (Muncaster, Jordan Fletcher)
4. "Me on You" (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans)
5. "Inconvenience Store" (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans, Tobak)
6. "Evinrudin'" (Adam Hood, Brent Cobb, Muncaster, Stanton)
7. "Cryin' in a GMC" (Stanton)
8. "WT vs the Devil" (Stanton)
9. "Devil Died in Dixie" (Stanton)
10. "Life Itself" (Stanton)
11. "Good to Drive" (Muncaster, Stanton, Youmans)
12. "Named After Natives" (BJ Barham, Muncaster, Stanton)
13. "Old Man Gillich" (Stanton)
14. "Azalea Blooms" (Barham, Stanton)
15. "Knife to a Gunfight" (Stanton, Youmans)
16. "Shootout in Saraland" (Stanton)

Best Country Albums of 2022 - Critic's Picks

This list of country music's best albums from 2022 separates artists who aim to make great albums from those simply looking to record great songs. Only one artist found below notched a solo No. 1 country airplay hit this year. Popularity doesn't always equal quality.

It’s not that albums from country music’s most notable hitmakers aren’t any good. Count Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett as strong honorable mentions for this list but both were edged out by a group that in some ways didn’t have to worry about the confines of commercial success. Randy Houser and Muscadine Bloodline are independant artists. American Aquarium is too and Ashley McBryde released the sort of album you’d expect from an indy act. 

The lesson is country fans need to look deeper for the most daring, creative music of 2022. 

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