I was so excited when I got a set of golf clubs this past Christmas. I've always wanted to try golfing and before last summer, I had never picked up a club before (besides a rubber coated mini golf putter, that is). Well I FINALLY got a chance to try out my new clubs at the KC driving range this week. And as it turns out, I'm no Tiger Woods.

I think I'm going to have a love-hate relationship with golf in general. I had fun, but it's pretty clear that I have a ways to go before I'm ready for the LPGA.

The pros on TV make it look so easy. I just assumed it would come natural to me...nope. Turns out hitting a ball with a club and making it go straight is a lot easier said than done. Head down, feet planted, eye on the ball, backswing, follow through, blah blah blah....it's a lot to take in.

Look, I'm not going pro anytime soon. That's for sure. I'm just doing it for fun and to have something to do with my friends and husband. I will continue to go to the driving range and practice my game, and hopefully I'll get a little better at it over time. For now, I will just keep learning what I can and hope that I can drive the ball more than 50 feet.