Having the Monday Blues, or feeling a little stressed today? Then this day is for you!

HAPPY NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP DAY! It may be a little silly, but who has never pop a bubble wrap? Or are you like me and chose to twist the wrap to make the bubbles pop. Whatever you prefer today is the day to go crazy.

Bubble wrap is a great stress reliever or it can make you happy for a few minutes. So if you have a moment today and you have some bubble wrap on hand go for it and make that stress disappear.

Why do we have a day for bubble wrap, well you can thank a radio station for that. While opening microphones wrapped in bubble wrap, a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana broadcasted the audio of the popping on air, and so National bubble Wrap Day was created. (Weird right?)

Please excuse me, I need to find some bubble wrap!