John Schneider is among the many residents of Louisiana whose homes and livelihoods were impacted when Hurricane Ida made landfall. A picture on social media shows the damage the storm inflicted on the former Dukes of Hazzard star's home, as well as the studio on his land where he films his independent projects.

Schneider and his wife, Alicia, had traveled to Tennessee in the wake of the deadly floods that ravaged parts of Middle Tennessee in late August to lead relief efforts. The actor and singer, who played the iconic role of Bo Duke on the long-running series and also scored a string of country hits in the '80s, had arranged for a tractor-trailer to pick up supplies from three different locations and transport them to those who had lost their homes and possessions in the floods.

It's a situation Schneider can relate to. He tells Nashville's WKRN News Channel 2 that he "lost everything" twice in 2016.

"We had the 100-year flood in March followed by the 1000-year flood in August. So we learned a lot about what to do," Schneider explained. He rebuilt John Schneider Studios, where he produces the independent projects he stars in, but he may have to do so again. According to the New York Times, Hurricane Ida made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday morning and moved inland, causing extensive destruction as it moved toward Baton Rouge and New Orleans and eventually left much of New Orleans without power. Schneider's home and studio are located in Holden, La., east of Baton Rouge.

"In fact, as I am standing here last night at about 10:30PM the eye of Hurricane Ida went right over our studio. So, we are trying to find out what that looks like back there,” Schneider told WKRN on Monday morning.

A photograph online shows a replica of the famous General Lee car that Schneider drove on The Dukes of Hazzard crushed under a fallen tree, and a structure in the back of the picture looks to have been hit and badly damaged by the winds.

Nashville publicist Brian Mayes turned to Twitter to share the picture, explaining that Schneider's studio "took a direct hit" from the hurricane on Sunday night (Aug. 30) and asking for prayers and support:

Schneider replied to the message, saying, "We are headed back and seem to be the only ones on the road. I’m get a real look at the damage to Mom’s house in the morning and then head back to TN to continue flood relief. All people and pups are good. May have a 'Hurricane Sale at Miss Shirley’s!' Soon!"

Schneider told WKRN he considers it a responsibility to help whenever he can.

“If you’ve given any level of celebrity I believe you have an obligation to make sure that the mark you leave is not a stain," he states. "So, when need is upfront and center and you are made aware of it, you should act on it. You should do something."

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