Somebody's heading to town in a mighty big hurry. There's new dashcam video that shows a crazy drift move by an Amish buggy. Yes, an Amish buggy...drifting.

One of my go-to places for entertainment is the IdiotsInCars sub-Reddit page. It's got daily driving moments that are often terrifying and sometimes funny. I think this might be both. I don't know where this happened, but trust me that I've looked.

I feel sorry for the horse. Needed to say that. Other than that fact, I'm not sure exactly what I just witnessed. Was it an Amish family with a medical emergency or some youngsters up to horse-play...literally.

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This led to some fascinating research on my part to see if this is unique or a common Amish practice. Here's what I learned.

There is a Reddit page called The Fast and the Furious: Amish Edition. I also found...this.

Buzzfeed shared video several years ago of a buggy and driver doing donuts. I'm beginning to think that this very devout group of people have a driving wild side. Yep. They definitely have a wild side.

Remind me to not challenge a buggy if I pull up next to one at a stop light. Wow. Vin Diesel would be impressed.

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