Dylan Scott has released a new video for his current heartbreak song, "New Truck." Does it have what it takes to top the most popular country music videos of the week? We're about to find out.

The Mavericks, Karissa Ella and Lawson Bates also have hot new videos out this week that are looking for votes from loyal Taste of Country readers. Which one has your vote this time around?

The Top 10 hasn't changed that dramatically this time around, with Laine Hardy and Home Free still fixed seemingly permanently in the top two spots. If you want to see someone new in the Top 10 next time, you've got to really get in there and vote!

Taste of Country lets our readers decide the most popular videos in country music by voting each week. Vote as often as once an hour, and don't forget to stop by next Friday and see who won the week!

Due to an update, the voting poll looks different than it used to. When you vote now, you need to scroll up afterward to see the captcha. Once you verify yourself, your vote will be counted as usual. 

Note: Fans can vote for one video, once every hour until the poll closes next Friday at 12PM ET. The weekly Top 10 will be revealed immediately after the poll closes. Videos are retired after six months, or when fans lose interest or when an artist releases a new video for a current single.

  • 10

    "This Town"

    Sam Grow
  • 9

    "Woman You Got"

    Maddie & Tae
  • 8

    "Witness Protection"

    Jim Stanard
  • 7

    "Minimum Wage"

    Blake Shelton
  • 6

    "Need a Bar Sometimes"

    Clay Walker
  • 5

    "Hard Way To Go"

    Jimmy Charles
  • 4

    "One Life Stand"

    Lauren Mascitti
  • 3

    "Come In (But Don't Make Yourself Comfortable)"

    Caroline Jones
  • 2

    "Land of the Free"

    Home Free
  • 1

    "Memorize You"

    Laine Hardy

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