Don't you hate when you run into someone and you think "I know this person?" What makes it worse is when the other person thinks they know you too.

This scenario presented itself on a recent trip I took to Evansville, IN. I attended a training session there at our sister radio stations where I ran into this woman who I thought I had met before. She even said that I looked familiar to her.

So now the wheels start turning. Where do I know her from. I have worked for several radio stations in my career, so I started digging through my "mental Rolodex".

Was she at the training seminar I attended last year in St.Louis?

Was she the Mid-Day person in DeKalb?

Was she the Morning co-host in Champaign?

Did I intern with her in Chicago?

Turns out I never met her before.

I had a break in training and introduced myself. She is Ashley Sollars - Digital Managing Editor for the Townsquare Media stations in Evansville. Once I heard the name, I knew I had never met her before. She had read a few of the blogs I had written for KICK-FM, and recognized me from my picture.

Ashley tells me that several people have mentioned that she looks very similar to the actress Katherine Heigl. What do you think:

Jason Merritt, Getty Images
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

So - has anyone ever told you that you look like a celebrity? I was once compared to Penn Gillette, but that was when I had much more hair and wore an earring. Let me know below who people think you look like (and send me a side by side picture, if you can).

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