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There's no doubt Carly Pearce's new single "Closer to You" was inspired by boyfriend Michael Ray. She didn't write it but the bright, urgent melody and lyrics tailored for two long distance lovers make it an easy fit.

The song is much more pop-friendly than anything Pearce has released previously. She points out the dobro but fans will recall the vintage sounds of Mariah Carey before they do Jerry Douglas. A dreamy arrangement built by acoustic guitars with electric overdubs recalls the good-timing '90s suddenly en vogue. With a wide smile she leans hard into the endless bliss of young love.

Hillary Lindsey, Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges wrote "Closer to You," Pearce's first single from her second studio album. The lyrics aren't as compelling as the emotion of this irritable love song. It's a sugar-coated first step from what promises to be an album filled with love.

Did You Know?: Pearce ended a different relationship in early 2018 and says there is plenty there that she can tap into for songs on her next studio album.

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Carly Pearce, "Closer To You" Lyrics:

I got a fast car gassed up, sittin’ in the driveway / Got a road that I know like the back of my hand / We could head out right now, baby, we could fly away / Disappear outta here fast as we can.

Ooh, I miss you baby / Ooh, I’m goin’ crazy.

There’s a diamond sky that’s waitin’ for us just outside of town / With the moon hangin’ / For me and you, baby / We can cut the headlights out when there ain’t no one else around / Kill the space in between / Slide across that leather seat / Heart to heart, face to face / You know all I wanna do / Is get closer, closer, closer to you / Closer to you.

Wanna taste that great wide open freedom / Wanna make the distance razor thin / Wanna feel you feel me feel you breathin’ / ‘Til we can’t tell where you end and where I begin.

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