Even when they're separated from the rest of their family, siblings T.J. and John Osborne of the Brothers Osborne have always had each other on holidays. However, they realize that not everyone is as lucky, and so, a few years ago, they began a new Thanksgiving tradition.

"A lot of people in Nashville didn’t have the time or couldn’t afford to go home, back when we were all struggling musicians, [so] we started this thing called 'Misfits Thanksgiving'," John Osborne told The Boot in 2015. "Everyone who lives in Nashville, we invited to our house."

The gathering, Osborne explains, grew rapidly, from "eight or nine people" the first year to "nearly 30" in 2014. "It’s getting to the point where we can’t have it at our house anymore," he said.

"That’s what we do in Nashville: We look out for each other," Osborne added. "If you can’t see your family, we’ll be your designated family."

In 2019, Brothers Osborne will celebrate Thanksgiving in Detroit, performing at halftime of the NFL's Detroit Lions' 80th Thanksgiving Day Classic versus the Chicago Bears. Although the brothers make big plans for Thanksgiving, they both say that they eschew making New Year's resolutions.

"Without fail, like everyone else, we’re just going to break them," John Osborne says. "You don’t want to set yourself up for failure."

Brothers Osborne remain grateful for a career bolstered since 2015 by their 2018 album Port Saint Joe and working relationships with Maren Morris and other young stars. The pair's Nov. 28 halftime performance will be broadcast on Fox; the football game kicks off at 12:30PM ET.

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