We hope you like our newly-redesigned website.  It's just another step in our evil plan for world domination.  Oh, and we'd like the website to be more useful for you also.  The truth is we hope the "new" KICK-FM website will help us do a better job at being your "local" country station.

I'll give you an example.  Over the weekend, you'll start seeing local and regional artists featured here that you may not have heard of.  It will be a way for you to get to know up and coming stars that aren't on the radio yet.  Chris Cavanaugh will be the first...he was the opening act for Josh Thompson last weekend.  Chris is one of many unsigned artists that are out there plugging away and many have attracted a local following thanks to their live performances.  This new website will finally us a way to help you get to know them before they have a song on the chart (and on our radio station)

There are features that we have planned for the website that you don't see now but you will see soon.  We'll have a brand new way for you to make requests (useful if you don't use Facebook).  Plus, we'll have other neato things that hopefully will make this website more than an electronic brochure for KICK-FM and our frequent propaganda.

We love the feedback you've given us so far...keep it coming!  You're the reason we're here (Yes, I realize this sounds like corporate hot air, but trust me...our staff REALLY does feel that way...or they wouldn't be here).