Every day another scam is utilized to try to bilk people out of their hard earned money.  Unfortunately many people, especially the elderly, fall for these antics. The latest comes from the Springfield, Illinois area.

The Quincy Police Department (Q.P.D.) was informed about a scam that occurred recently in Springfield involving elderly female victims.  The victims received a phone call from a male who stated he worked at their bank. He asked the victims for information from their bank statements and told them he believed an employee was stealing from their account. The suspect asked for their help to catch the person and eventually convinced the victims to make cash withdrawals from their accounts ($2,900 and $3,800). They met with him at local businesses and gave him the cash. He approached them in their vehicles and was only seen on foot.

The victims describe the suspect as an older white male, approximately 60 years old, 5’7” tall and 170 pounds. The suspect is believed to have gray hair, blue eyes, and glasses.

Again, this scam has not occurred in this area yet, but the Q.P.D. wanted to make people aware of it in the event someone does try to contact you like this.  Just as a reminder you should never give out personal information or account numbers over the phone.  If you have any questions or think you are being scammed call the police department.