Last time I checked I was a guy (be glad you weren't there) I feel qualified to say this. But, women deserve better than they get. My species (dudes) never fails to amaze me when it comes to the superficial view of women.  Burger commercials on TV feature outfits that would make Daisy Duke blush.  Why do you think NFL football teams have cheerleaders?  That's right.  Cause many guys are obsessed with skin.  Women skin.

One of my pet peeves is when women are referred to as "beautiful" by people who don't even know them.  If you don't know the personality, character, sense of humor and intelligence, how can you judge them just by how their epidermis looks?

How do you know that the bikini model you're staring at isn't as mean as a snake?  On the other hand, I have known ladies who the world would probably not consider pretty but were a joy to be around and were kind human beings.  To me, that's beautiful.

The Wikipedia page for "beautiful" describes the word as "an adjective used to describe things as possessing beauty."  There are entire industries built on the idea that beauty is something women can buy (or men can buy for them).  Magazines at the checkout stand are plastered with tons of propaganda putting women with great epidermis on the cover and telling young girls that's beautiful.

You know what's beautiful to me?  My wife who never wears makeup and looks amazing.  She's one of the kindest, most caring people I've ever known.  She is a certified meteorologist yet won't pursue that career so she can be a better mom to our kids.  She's beautiful.

Here's someone else who's beautiful to me.  Meghan Vogel, a high school athlete who chose to carry an injured opponent across the finish line ahead of herself.  She is beautiful.

The Wikipedia page for "beautiful" describes the word as "an adjective used to describe things as possessing beauty."

A mother who chooses not to buy herself nice clothes and jewelry because she wants to take better care of her children.  B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

In my perfect world, I would ask the following to be true.  Guys, please stop acting like obsessed stalkers when you see a woman with great skin.  (If this were true, then the losers in the porn industry might have to go get real jobs)  Media, please stop holding up women who look like Barbie dolls and telling young girls this is what they need to be like.  Show them females like my wife and Meghan Vogel and champion their personality, character, achievements and heart.