I normally look forward to the Super Bowl. But, then again, normally there is a team in the Super Bowl that I at least kind of like. Not this year. Nope. It's the dreaded 49er's vs the dreaded Ravens. The understatement of the year is I don't have a dog in this fight.  (My apologies to Michael Vick for that metaphor)

I've been trying to find a positive in this year's game.  I think that Colin Kaepernick seems like a nice guy.  What's not to like about a guy that kisses his bicep after every touchdown.  To try and fit in, I've started kissing my arm flab every time I eat a ham sandwich.  No matter how hard I try, it just doesn't feel the same.

It's such a big game and I hate not caring who wins.  Problem is when I don't care about the actual game, I find my mind wondering in a similar fashion to Homer Simpson.

I definitely have no interest in the half-time show.  No offense to Beyonce (or however you spell it), but I have no rhythm and don't feel like learning any now.  To me, "Beyonce" is the sound my muffler made when it fell off my car and slid down Mark Twain Avenue.

Who do you have in the Super Bowl?  Are you actually a 49er's or Ravens fan and willing to admit it?  If so, good for you.  As for me, I'll be watching the Andy Griffith marathon on TBS.