Members of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission met this week to discuss relocating Hannibal. When I first heard about that, the first thought that came to my mind was one of those mobile home haulers picking up the city and putting it on a flatbed and moving it 10 miles to the west. Fortunately, the world does not operate the way my 2nd grade mind does.

Doug at the Herald-Whig had a good write-up about the situation.  His quote pretty much explains what the real deal is about:

Tom Boland, a Hannibal businessman and former chairman of the state Transportation Commission, said the proposed 10-mile bypass would direct much of the commercial traffic around Hannibal to the west. It would speed travel for truckers and other drivers using the four-lane expressway and relieve congestion within Hannibal for residents, local employees, shoppers and tourists.

Again, you have to understand that for me to comprehend an issue like this means I have to put it in context of a Pixar movie.  That's why I wonder if (like in the original "Cars" movie) Hannibal will become like Radiator Springs if we get bypassed.  As someone who drives in Hannibal 18 hours a day (slight exaggeration), I can appreciate not having to dodge the 20 bazillion out-of-state vehicles that are passing through when I feel the need to go get a milkshake.  Hmm...milkshakes.

Personally, I don't really care what I think.  But, I do care what you think.  Do you think a potential bypass of Hannibal is a good thing or will we become a ghost town (until a famous sports car gets lost and has to find himself in our city)?