Hopefully by now, you've heard about "Out on the Town". It's a night where ladies can do something that they need to do ever so often and that is get away from us guys.  The event is set for Tuesday night, October 16th at the Town and Country Inn & Suites in Quincy from 5p til 9p.  We've come up with some scientific proof that you ladies need time away from us guys.  Here goes:

  1. We're guys.  I could stop right there.
  2. It's baseball playoff time which means our sorry butts will be stationary in a chair in front of a television.
  3. You deserve to occasionally be someplace where there isn't a lot of grunting.  (Where guys aren't)
  4. Scientists have proven that chocolate is awesome.  OK, they haven't but it sounds correct, right?
  5. $1000 gift card.  That's $999 more than $1.

We mention all this cause we don't want you to miss out.  Only 500 tickets will be sold and they're available now from County Market locations in Quincy, Hannibal and Palmyra and also at Town and Country Inn & Suites.  Do it.  Lord knows after dealing with us guys the other 364 days of the year, you deserve it.