My son needed extra P.E. time this weekend. We all though it would be a great idea for him to climb the stairs to the lighthouse in Hannibal, since we would already be in town for Mothers Day dinner. I got the bright idea that I would join him on his climb.

I have lived in this area for 14-years, and have never ventured up to the lighthouse by way of the stairs - I have always been in a motor vehicle.

At the start, I was pretty gung-ho, occasionally skipping stairs. But as my son quickly pointed out, I needed to reserve my energy and not get completely drained before reaching the top.


Wait...let's stop here. I am not out of breath, but my leg muscles are not used to this.


After three more rest stops (and serious contemplation over whether I need to continue any further), we made it to the Lighthouse.

Can you feel the sense of accomplishment?

The view is spectacular. I should not have waited 14-years to make the climb. Here are some shots I took from the base of the Lighthouse.

The more we do this, I believe the easier it will get. Plus, Julian and I got to spend some quality Father-Son time together. I think we might venture to the Lighthouse next Sunday.