It astounds me, to be honest. We, as a society, are probably more impatient today than we have ever been. We get annoyed if our computers don't upload a page immediately, or our phones don't link up with satellites and send us our desired information like, yesterday. Standing in line at a grocery store while a person or persons in front of us takes "forever" to check out can nearly drive us to profanity. In some cases it does. This is a "now" world we live in, yet when it comes to bank drive-throughs it seems all those behaviors go out the window... and I just don't get it.

Ryan McVay

Most banks have at least 2 or 3 drive-through lanes. Mine has 4. Again today, and for the 6 millionth time in my life, I went to the bank during my lunch break and found a line of 5 cars waiting to get through the first window... while the other 3 lanes were completely empty! What is this madness?! What is wrong with you folks? Can you not see? Does the tray that comes out of the side of the building serve you so much better than the canister that you'll just sit there and wait for it while the other tellers sit there doing nothing and shaking their heads at you just like I am?

Someone PLEASE explain this to me while I move right to the front of the unoccupied lane next to you, do my business and drive off to live the rest of my life while you sit there twiddling your thumbs.

People..... (shakes his head)