For a long time there was no disputing that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were indeed country music's premiere "power couple," in part because there wasn't another married couple really on the scene. Tim and Faith still have power, but Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert might just lay claim to the title now.

Country fans love a love story, and being able to see one bloom right before their eyes, on stage, is especially appealing to many. Tim and Faith personafide that for years... and to an extent, still do. Tim's career is arguably as hot as ever... he just scored his 50th top 10 hit song. Naturally, wife Faith is on that record as a back up vocalist. Faith herself took a step back from her music career years ago however. She hasn't had a bona-fide hit of her own on the country charts since 2006's 'Sunshine And Summertime." Three singles since have failed to rise about the mid 30's on the charts. But does that matter as far as the husband and wife duo's "power" status is concerned? Should it matter?

Tim and Faith have each been around longer than both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. While Tim carries on with the hot career between he and Faith, Blake and Miranda are two of the hottest, best selling, most awarded and most loved artists in Nashville today. Neither can miss with anything they do over the past handful of years. Hit songs for both, a hit television show for him, owning a fun retail store for her, and of course, Miranda's love of animals and especially rescuing animals has made her even more beloved in country fans eyes. The only thing Blake and Miranda really haven't done yet is to have a hit song as a duet, something Tim and Faith have done four times... five if you count 'Meanwhile Back At Momma's' featuring Faith on back up vocals.

Will a Blake and Miranda duet happen one day? We don't know yet. If it does, you can pretty much guarantee it will propel them both even higher into the stratosphere.

So the question is yours. Who is country musics biggest power couple now? Do Tim and Faith and their longer resumes still win out, or have Blake and Miranda surpassed them with their more recent mega stardom? Vote below.

For the record, no disrespect meant to Keifer and Shawna of Thompson Square, or Joey and Rory... I'm pretty certain they'd agree their careers, while off to nice starts, aren't yet up to power couple status level.