Have you see this awesome golf video going around on Facebook? Golfer Number 1 stares down a long putt and says "there's no chance putting it." Golfer Number 2 tells him that all he needs to do is make a good put, and then asks Golfer Number 1, "You want me to show you how to putt it?" Golfer Number 2 then proceeds to show him how to putt it. You can probably guess what happens next. The video's great, but the quality on Facebook isn't so great. I couldn't make out who the golfers were, so I did a little research to find out.

What I mean by "did a little research" is that I Googled it. Brian Myles and I watched the video together, and Brian thought the golfer that makes the putt might be Jack Nicklaus. I said, "He putts like Jack, but he doesn't look like Jack." Of course, it turned out to be Jack. The golfer that didn't think there was a chance was Johnny Miller. This exchange took place in 2010 at The Golf Club at Harbor Shores during the ceremonial opening round. The putt was reportedly 102 feet.

The moral of the story is that if Jack Nicklaus tells you all you have to do is make a good putt, then all you have to do is make a good putt. Also, if Brian Myles tells you someone in a video looks like Jack Nicklaus, it's probably Jack Nicklaus.