I love me some Taco Bell drive-through. I probably use it about once a week on average. Last night I noticed what is obviously the new trend in hang out spots for the local teens as I was about to order my usual volcano burrito.


The Big Lots/Hobby Lobby parking lot in Quincy is apparently THE place for kids to hang out now. I'd noticed a group of them there a couple times before but finding at least 20 cars and twice as many kids there last night meant those times before weren't just random. Who knew Big Lots and Hobby Lobby were so cool?

No one was causing any problems. In fact the group seemed very well behaved. A couple guys were tossing a football back and forth, others were sitting on a tail gate and some girls were in a group undoubtedly discussing Oklahoma tornado relief or the effects of the cold war on international relations.

I know the Quincy Mall and Staples used to be the places to hang out. Management at those spots likely moved them along... although I don't know that for sure. I'm not sure why the newest location surprised me so much but it did. Maybe our local teens are interested in discount prices on clock radios and wicker items? It is nice to be a few steps away from a volcano burrito too though I'm sure.

Where was your cool kids hang out spot?