In this digital age, one question is being asked again and again: Where Is My Phone?

It used to be where someone would call you on your home phone. You answer the phone in the kitchen, or in the living room, or in the bedroom - where ever you had a phone plugged into the wall.

Today we have a cell phone - singular. Sometimes its in our pocket. Sometimes its on a table or dresser. Sometimes it is in the car. Sometimes it is on the desk charging.

I swear - I was on the other end of the building...

I have that problem often. My phone sits on my desk charging while I am in the studio on the other end of the building. No clue that someone has called me three times and texted me twelve times just to find out why something doesn't gel in the checkbook.

Maybe someone needs to develop a tether that converts your walking energy into electricity to charge the phone, so you never have to leave it behind.

But then that would get rid of the excuse that you didn't hear the call because the phone was "out of earshot". Not that I use that excuse...