What food out there is the one that you might crave from time to time, even if you know it's not the best thing for you?

I could probably start a list of foods that I like and sound like "Bubba" from "Forrest Gump," naming all the different shrimp dishes.

I suppose you would first, have to set up categories, like desserts, main course entrees, or junk food in general. The latter, being where most of my guilty food pleasures lie.

I know there many people who like bacon. And by that, I mean bacon flavored anything. Matter of fact, there's even a bacon scented cologne.  And most recently,  I saw a story addressing a bacon-themed casket.  Wow.

Although I shouldn't admit this, (and probably not eat them) convenience store hot dogs are one of my guilty pleasures.  Anything cooked on a "roller grill," has to be good.

Speaking of hot dogs, Quincy now has a hot dog cart.  I've stopped by and they're pretty tasty.

So if you dare, let us know about some of your guilty food pleasures.  Now, if I could just get bacon on that c-store dog.....