I'm not sure why, but there was an article at Fox News.com yesterday that caught my attention. It could be that my mind has not progressed much since second grade (tell you something you don't know, right?). But, the story was about how space smells. It says in their article that astronauts claim space smells like sweet metal. (*my typical perplexed look*)

To be honest, I don't really care what space smells like unless I'm being forced to go there. But, it reminded me that since this is "Fair Time" around the area, how much I enjoy some of the smells at our local fairs. (Sorry mule barn, but you're not on my list).

My personal favorites include a mixture of being downwind from the corn dog booth and close to the Adams County Pork Producers building. My least favorite scent is the waft that you get if you stand too close to the radio people who have been broadcasting for three hours in the blazing heat. (Imagine the mule barn to the third power)

So, just wondering what your favorite scent at the fair is? What say you?