You may have noticed that it's cold outside. The forecast says it's going to be a cold the rest of the week. Temperatures should get above freezing on Wednesday, but then fall right back below freezing on Thursday, and stay cold into the weekend. 

When the temperature drops like it has over the past couple days, a lot of us start daydreaming about summertime, and afternoon highs climbing up to triple digits. Of course, when the temperature really does get that high, we think the opposite and start longing for a blizzard.

In either scenario, the debate between whether it's better to be hot or cold, almost always comes up.The people that would rather be cold list all the reasons being cold is better than being hot, and the people that think the opposite list all of their reasons. Then they argue about it. Most probably decide which side to take from season to season, based on the level of discomfort they're feeling the moment the question is asked.

What about you?