We hope that you are having fun with our (relatively) new website. If you haven't already taken ten seconds to do it, we encourage you to sign up for our KICK-FM Country Club. It's not like we're objective. I mean, it's the KICK-FM Country Club and...well...we're KICK-FM. But, we really do hope it will give you a brand new way to interact with us and win stuff.

That being said, we would sincerely like to know what you would like to win.  We have some things we're working on, but to better set this up as something you'll really enjoy we want to know what you would like to win most.  Plus, we're very susceptible to peer pressure.  So, if you ask for it, we'll most than likely make it happen at some point.  Also, feel free to add your own ideas for great prizes.  Your input is invaluable!