We had a fun discussion on the radio shortly after I returned to KICK last year (a day many people now refer to as "Black Monday") about our favorite lunch boxes we had when we were kids. I started and (as usual) never successfully completed my quest to obtain the Evel Knievel lunchbox from my childhood.

I'm back on that horse now.  Came across this guy who managed to restore one.  You have to love any guy that can manage to misspell "revealed".  Good job on the restoration though.

Here's a pretty crazy collection of 60's era lunchboxes that were restored.  Although, I will warn you.  There is a horrific 80's song "My Obsession" by Animotion you'll have to endure if you watch it.  (Note:  The "mute" button on YouTube is your friend on this one)

Keep that mute button handy cause this old Dukes of Hazzard lunch box has apparently been possessed by the spirit of Beavis and Butthead.

If you have a favorite lunchbox, please share.  And, if you have pictures or video, you get double points :)