No, really...what time do you eat dinner? I never thought that this was an issue for discussion until a very good friend of mine started making fun of me about it.

There is usually so much going on with our family, that dinner time can come as late as 9:30pm. It is never planned that way, it just happens. The scenario plays out by me getting out of work at a reasonable time (6:15pm), then I run to the store. Maybe its 7:00 by the time I am done shopping. Another 35 minutes or so to get home, then various events at home - homework, fix something, discussions, etc.

Oh, wow...its getting late. How about I start the grill.

And before we realize, its after 9. Dinner time.

As I mentioned earlier, my friend makes fun of me for eating so late. I think she eats dinner around 5:30. That works for her. Occasionally, I am so distracted at work I don't get to eat lunch until close to 2:00, so a late dinner works best for me.

What is an appropriate dinner hour for you and your family? Comment below and let me know whether I am in the majority or minority.