My son will graduate this May as a member of the Class of 2013.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

We are in the process of picking out schools and carving out a future path for him. These seem like easy things to do compared to picking out a graduation gift.

Picking out gifts has never been my strong suit to begin with. My wife recently celebrated a birthday and I got her the gift she couldn't live without - a banana slicer.

So my one and only son is reaching a big milestone. It seems like he already has everything. If it were up to him, everyone would get him video games. Cash is good he can purchase more video games.

While researching the subject, I have found items ranging from laptop computers to a book - "The Essential Survival Guide to Living on Your Own". I don't think that book would be appropriate, though. He would think I was dropping a hint.

So, I ask this of you - what do you recommend? Is there a gift you have given (or received) that really stood out, or was extremely useful after graduation? Please share your thoughts and suggestions below.