Too many people tell me that there is nothing to do in this area. If you had been listening to the radio (KICK-FM or Y101), you might have heard that a couple of comedians were to appear at Spirit Knob Winery in Ursa on Friday and The Canton Comedy Theatre on Saturday.

Boy did you miss out!

Fryman Entertainment brought Marc Price and Denise Ramsden to the area. It has been a long time since my wife and I laughed that hard.

The Fryman

The Fryman is from the St. Louis area. He MC'd the show, and was very entertaining.

Denise Ramsden

Denise Ramsden is from Chicago. Don't know if it was because she was from Chicago that I was entertained. My wife even told her after the show that I wasn't there to see comedians...I just wanted to talk to someone from Chicago (sorry - a south-sider working as a vendor at Wrigley Field? I had to talk to her about that!).


The evenings headliner was Marc Price. He once played "Skippy" on the 80's TV program Family Ties.


Marc Price

He was well reviewed, but I was still uncertain about how good of a show he could put on. My wife and I were both very impressed! He played the contrast between Hollywood liberal and Missouri conservative extremely well:

"...are ther any hunters in the audience? (crowd erupts) Well, there goes all my gun control jokes..."

Marc, my wife, and I had an opportunity to talk briefly after the show. He is very down to earth. A likeable guy, the kind of guy you wouldn't mind having as a neighbor.

If he ever comes back to the area, I highly recommend seeing him. I know we'll be back to see him again.

I cannot forget to thank Jim Crenshaw, for supplying the venue to make the Canton shows possible.