I'm back on the radio after a week of "vacation". "Vacation" is in quotes due to the fact that "vacation" normally means "no work". Um, I didn't get to do that. Not complaining, but make no mistake, my time away from KICK-FM was busy.

In the interest of full disclosure, here's a rundown of some of my "vacation" activities.  The primary reason for my time off was due to the birth of my daughter Hannah.  She was born early in the morning on Saturday, October 6th.  By early, I mean 2:44am.  Mr. Super Genius (feel the sarcasm) here decided to wait until the very last minute to have my wife go to the hospital.  So, my daughter was born about 40 minutes after my wife arrived at the hospital.  Did I mention she drove herself?  Yes, like I said, genius on my part.

Fortunately, both baby and mama came through the birth just fine thanks to the typical great work by the nurses and doctors at Hannibal Regional Hospital.  I'm glad God put super-smart people like them on the Earth to compensate for the not-super-smart people like me.

The rest of my week involved getting my five-year-old to and from the bus stop everyday.  I also was the designated "lift the heavy two-year-old boy out of the crib" person since my wife wasn't allowed to lift anything by doctors orders.  I never saw a note, so maybe she was just making that up.  Regardless, it worked since I ended up doing it.

My oldest daughter Sarah holding Hannah

I was also the dude in charge of fixing all the family meals (doctors orders again apparently).  I also was trying to help my wife get extra sleep by having my newborn daughter sleep on my chest for a few hours at night while I played Need For Speed Hot Pursuit on my laptop.  Did I mention I'm a mental 12-year-old?

The rest of my time away was spent screaming my lungs out as the St. Louis Cardinals pulled out another miracle comeback in the playoffs.

Hopefully your week was good.  Thanks to my radio friend, Dennis Oliver ("Bucky") for sitting in for me during my time away.  I'm now back to work where I can hopefully get some rest :)