My face had a run-in with a ladder earlier in the week (don't ask). It was painful, but it really didn't leave that much of a mark.

A couple of days later the injury seemed to be healing nicely...until I took a shower. The shower softened the area. When I went to dry my face, I had forgotten about the injury and ripped it open with my towel.

So now I have a bleeding gash across my nose and places to go. My choices at this point are to either use a huge bandage from my box of "adult" bandages, or grab a small bandage from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates box.

I opted for Jake.

Yes, it says "100% Pirate"!

Things like this would have embarrassed me in my younger days. Today, I could make it a conversation piece. It's a shame I didn't have any sales calls to make. But if I had, I wonder how many of my clients would make mention of it, or would most people simply ignore it?

What would you do?