Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Quite possibly the holiday that men dread the most. But there's one group that despises Valentine's Day even more, and that's single people - both men and women.

It's easy for singles to get touchy about their lack of relationship status around February 14. Their married or attached friends and relatives are making plans, their co-workers are getting flowers delivered to the office, and without a doubt the topic of conversation on February 15 will be about how great Valentine's Day was, and how perfect, thoughtful and wonderful everyone's significant others truly are, and how lucky they are to be with them, blah, blah, blah...

It's enough to make a single person gag, if not vomit.

But what do you do on Valentine's Day, when you're by yourself? Here are a few ideas.


1. Offer to babysit

There's nothing worse than feeling pathetic, and here's a great ways to be show that you''re a good sport. Recognize that your married/attached friends would probably like to go out, and offer to assist by babysitting. Not only will you be genuinely lending a hand, but babysitting will keep you so busy that there will be not time to feel sorry for yourself. Besides, kids are usually a lot of fun.

2. Set up an account with an online dating site

OK, maybe you're single for Valentine's Day this year. Maybe you don't like. So, what are you going to do about it? If you're really unhappy that you don't have a significant other, why not be proactive in finding one? There are a ton of dating sites out there to assist singles in finding the perfect match.

3. Go to a singles party

No matter where you are, there is most likely a singles party somewhere nearby on Valentine's Day. Maybe you like the idea of being proactive on finding your next Valentine, but suggestion #3 is just not your thing. This is another option. Even if you get there and it becomes blatantly obvious why the others in the room are still single, at least you had a night out. You can always leave early if the party is a total dud.

4. Do what you would normally do

Who says you have to do anything? Just because some people are making extravagant plans doesn't mean that you have to. If you're comfortable just doing your normal thing, then that's what you should do. Let them have their holiday and don't pay much attention to it. Besides, Valentine's Day in the middle of the week isn't all that great anyway, is it?