I attended commencement exercises for John Wood Community College back in May. As part of the graduation fee, I received a cap and gown.

Years ago this was a rental - wear the items, then return. Nowadays you keep the Cap & Gown.

and so in my closet it sits...

Taking up valuable closet space...

Its not like a Bridesmaid dress, where through creative hemming I can use it as a dress for other occasions. I tried to do some research on the subject, and the only thing I saw was to keep it as a "souvenir".

I'm sorry, but I am not a collector of "souvenirs." I prefer to call them "dust collectors" - just more stuff for me to clean.

So the question remains - what do I do with my used Cap & Gown? I hate to just throw it away. If you can give me some handy suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.