In the KICK-FM Country Club we have a listener survey, and one of the questions is "tell us a pet peeve." This is, without a doubt, my favorite question on the survey. We've learned so much about the KICK-FM listening audience from that simple question, and sometimes the answers are hysterical.

  • People who won't behave during pictures
  • People who wear pajamas in public
  • People who post every detail of their drama on Facebook, then get mad when people comment.
  • People who blow their noses in restaurants

Obviously, there are a lot of people peeving people! Other pet peeves include:

  • Dirty laundry in bathroom floor by the hamper
  • Misspelling and bad grammar
  • Lack of turn signal use

The most common pet peeve themes in the Tri-States - according to our survey - seem to involve driving, manners and eating.

I've got a couple personal pet peeves:

  • People who answer their cell phones during a meal in a restaurant (unless it's an important, expected call, or an emergency).
  • When people take more than 10 items through the 10 item or less checkout.

Actually, I probably have more than a couple, but those are the two that come to mind right away.

What about you? Tell us your pet peeves, and if you haven't taken it yet, be sure to get extra KICK-FM Country Club points by participating in our listener survey!