Our colleagues at WGEM are wrapping up their annual Bucket Blitz today. The goal is to raise over $30,000 for the Quincy Salvation Army.  This involves many of the radio and TV personalities getting up in the wee hours of the morning and manning the buckets near the Quincy Mall.

The motivation for this from the WGEM website:

Everyday, the Quincy Salvation Army serves hundreds of people. The Salvation Army helps with food, rent, utilities, emergency medical bills, even a place to stay for those who might be on a fixed income, just got laid off, or simply can't find a job.

Rich Cain from WGEM visited with us on the show today.  Check out our interview with Rich below!

We encourage you to drop some coins (or dollars) in their buckets if you see them outside the mall today.  You may be helping your neighbor today and maybe yourself tomorrow.