There are some things we aren't very good at...make that MANY things.  But, when it comes to cows, we in the tri-state area know our stuff.  That's why when word broke from the US Forest Service that they needed help with a bunch of frozen cows they discovered in a cabin in Colorado, we knew it was time for us to come to the rescue with a solution.  After all, we know cows.The story about the frozen cows in Colorado was first reported by this morning.  And it goes like this...

Granted, the U.S. Forest Service usually has bigger issues to deal with, but this got its attention because of its rather unique nature: How to dispose of six frozen cows stuck inside a Forest Service cabin, and more scattered outside, at 11,200 feet elevation?

And, no, this is not a hypothetical: In late March snowshoers who had hoped to use the cabin at Colorado's Conundrum Hot Springs found it already occupied -- by dead cows, which had apparently gotten out of the cold but were too dumb to find the exit, the Aspen Daily News reported.

OK...make that "first reported by the Aspen Daily News".  Gotta give cow credit where it is deserved.  As this story broke, we sent out a call to the "Bovine Special Forces"...that's like the local SWAT team for cows around here.  And there was a general consensus among the local cow army....BBQ...

One of our favorite Morning Posse listeners, William, was the first to step forward with the following idea:

Fire up the grill....hamburgers,

And William wasn't alone....Sheryl was even thinking about BBQ loading logistics:

Load them up, bring them here and throw a BBQ. They may need a crane or front loader.

That's why when there's a cow emergency anywhere in the world, the authorities contact us.  We want you for the Bovine Special Forces.  Join us...won't you?  :)