NBC News.com posted a frightening story earlier this week. And, no, I'm not referring to the shirtless picture of Justin Bieber.

Here's what the American Red Cross had to say about the situation.

The American Red Cross fell 50,000 units short of its needs in June and will likely fall short again in July, it said.
If there's not enough available blood, some elective surgeries will have to be cancelled, said Danny Cervantes, a donor recruitment director for United Blood Services in Las Vegas.

Summer is normally a tough time for blood collections anyway due to families going on vacation, etc. But this year appears to be way below even those low standards. I realize you hear us mention blood drives on the radio all the time, but especially now we ask you to consider actively participating.

For the latest blood drive locations and information, be sure to check the Adams County Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Northeast Missouri Chapter websites frequently.