One of the bad things about being the last remaining personality on KICK-FM is I tend to have a lot of time to myself. My wife will tell you this is not a good thing. I need the contact of normal people to keep my mind thinking about normal things. (Kind of like a horse blinder keeps a horse from running off into the nearby orchard to eat all the apples) Unfortunately, there are no other normal people here. So, that leads me to this thought. I think KICK-FM needs a mascot.

On the TV show, WKRP in Cincinnati, they had a carp as their mascot.  In the Hannibal/Quincy area, back in the 80's WQCY had a lion named "Dan D Lion". And, all of us that  go to Cardinal games love "Fredbird".

If you have a few minutes, I HIGHLY recommend that you check out a page of bad mascots on Pinterest.

If you have any great ideas for a mascot for us, feel free to comment even if it makes us look like complete nerds. We'll be happy to laugh right along with you!