At KICK-FM, we feel you're special. And, we mean that in a good way! Seriously, we appreciate everyone that hangs out with us on the radio, on Facebook and here on the website. And, we believe you should be rewarded for your amazing loyalty over the years! That's why we've started the "Country Club".

The KICK-FM Country Club is a fast, free and easy way for you to earn points for what you're already doing...which means coming to our website and looking at stuff, plus interacting with us. It takes like two seconds to sign up (or seven if you're slow with the computer mouse) and could win you some great prizes.

To kick off the Country Club, we're giving away tickets to Six Flags! We've also got Knight's Action Park tickets to giveaway, KICK-FM t-shirts, and several other prizes.

Hit the Country Club sign up link below, or on the front of the website and that will lead you through the quick and easy sign up process. Then, every time you check out things on this website including some new games we've added, you'll earn points and eventually some cool stuff! Thanks again for all you do for us!