Whenever I am performing a remote broadcast for the radio station I always get the funniest looks. It is not from what I am wearing, but what I am carrying.

Yes - an actual Walkman. Many people look at it and think I am behind the times. But for what I am doing, it works wonders!

  • Most radios of this fashion come as a CD player, which is too big to fit in my pocket.
  • This model has a digital tuner for both FM and AM. Most .mp3 players equipped with a tuner only come with FM.
  • The headphones I use are fairly large. Most .mp3 players cannot drive my headphones to the volume I need for broadcasts.

The reason I am writing about my Walkman is because of a hilarious video I saw on our website. I never imagined that this technology was so old that kids couldn't figure out how to use it.

Next time you see me at a remote broadcast, ask to see my Walkman. If you're lucky I might even have a cassette cued up and ready to play.

Is there a piece of "old" technology that you currently use that works much better than its modern counterpart? Comment below.