I could try to be all diplomatic about this, but I'd prefer to just come out and say it. Valentine's Day sucks. I'm not sure that I can prove this scientifically. But, the fact that Taylor Swift and the girly man from Twilight starred in a movie called "Valentine's Day" should be evidence enough all by itself.

Let me clarify something first.  I'm a very happily married man with quite possibly the perfect wife.  So, it's not like I don't appreciate "love".  But...but...but...there are people that paint hearts on their nails for this day!  Stop the madness!!!

Want to see what Valentine's Day can do to a person?  This lady (scorned obviously) has created a paper cartoon where she is forced to walk backwards into a couples club and then turns into a bear.

Valentine's Day sucks for single people and it isn't a ton of fun for married people either.  I try to please my wife 365 days a year.  "Try" is the key word.  I am a guy after all...so keep your expectations low.  I am easily distracted.  Oh look!  Free lumber!

Back to my point.  (There is one right?!?)  If you're a woman, the dude in your life should be nice to you the other 364 days of the year.  If you're a dude, you shouldn't have to keep topping yourself just to show your devotion.  My personal opinion is this holiday was created by the candy, flower and greeting card companies to make their cash registers go "Cha Ching".  I plan to be nice to my wife on February 14th.  But, for the most part, I think Valentine's Day sucks.